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Honeycomb Cellular Shades

A hallmark in the industry, cellular shades offer a beautiful design and energy efficiency to your home. Our fabric collection of beautifully designed colours and patterns offerer in 250 SKU’s or varying cell sizes from our NEW 1 1/4” cell size to the distinctive 2” Hybrid will bring drama to any window. Offered in a A full range of automation solutions that will allow you to ask Alexa or Google to control your shades or operate with your smart devise. Or go cordless for child safe.  Odd shaped windows or sky-lights got you stumped? Cellular Shades have the solution!

Roller Shades

Becoming the most popular of window coverings on the market, the Roller Shade is simple yet stunning. With over 520 SKU’s of textured, patterned, commercial grade fabrics we have the perfect fabric for your space. Industrial strength chain controls means we can cover large windows, and operate them with ease. Roller Shades are offered in a full range of automation solutions that will allow you to ask Alexa, Google or control your shades from your smart devise. Or go cordless for Child safe.

Dual Concept Shades

Dual shades do much more than just control light and privacy! They do it with flexibilyty, and precision. Choose a little view, a sliver or light or full dark out. Alternating bands of sheet and opaque fabrics, raise and lower, gliding smoothly past each other allowing varying levels of view and light control. With over 28 gorgeous styles to choose from, and over 100 fabric options you won’t be left wanting more. The shade also disappears inside the headrail for when you want a full view thru your window. Automation allows you to ask Alexa or Google to control your shades, or use your smart devise from any location. 

Sheer Horizontal

Blending beauty and shoftness, the Sheer Horizontal Shade offers the ability to have softness with a view. Light dimming and translucent fabrics in sophisticated patterns and colours make this shade suitable for every room in your home. With large fabric widths, this product is suitable for large windows. Multiple control options allows you to choose the right look and function for your space. Add automation to control your shades in a variety of ways, from a remote, wall switch, smart device or even ask Alexa or Google. 

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